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About us

About us

Jan Mathijs van den MunckhofFounder Jan Mathijs van den Munckhof (1864 – 1956) started his own forge in Horst in 1884.

His forge produced agricultural implements such as shovels, hoes etc. These tools were often sold around 1885 in the region known as "de Peel"
(a peat cutting area in the provinces of North-Limburg and North- Brabant.)
The principle activity at the time was excavating the peat and reclaiming the land.


Turning shopFollowing the agricultural crisis (1870 – 1895), mechanisation in agriculture made huge advances.
He developed and repaired his own designs of beet cutters and various types of threshing machines.




Wiel van den MunckhofIn 1929, his 14-year old son Wiel joined the company, which he took over from his father together with his two brothers later (1935 – 1980).
Plunger pump

During that time he developed the renowned Munckhof patented, plunger pump. This development laid the foundations for the current Munckhof sprayers.
CultivatorThe orchard cultivator and cyclic mowers were also well known products.
At the end of the 1960s he started to develop the harvesting machine known as the Pluk-O-Trak.



In the early 1970s Wiel’s son Thijs van den Munckhof joined the company, to be followed in the mid-1970s by his brother Peter van den Munckhof. The brothers took over the company in 1980.
Under their management the spraying and harvesting machines were refined and developed further into their present designs. The range includes;


Since 1884, the motto of Munckhof Machinefabriek has been innovation in technique.

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